Help Page

Common Questions:

  1. What is NEIU CourseMedia ?
    NEIU CourseMedia is a course media management system that helps instructors organize and present media materials. Instructors can create media galleries that can be accessed by their students online.
  2. I am having trouble with NEIU CourseMedia , who do I contact for assistance?
    Call 773-442-4923 or email
  3. What instructor features does NEIU CourseMedia have?
    • Create high quality image and video presentations for your students.
    • Use copyright-sensitive media in a fair use protected website.
    • Upload your own images into a gallery.
    • Import external video (YouTube) into a gallery.
    • Supports complex language characters (Russian, Korean, Arabic etc...).
    • Move and copy galleries to other instructor's accounts.
    • Allow your students to create their own personal research galleries.
  4. How do I create a gallery?
    1. Login into NEIU CourseMedia
    2. Click "Gallery Management".
      If you are an instructor, you can create course galleries and personal galleries.
      If you are a student, you can only create personal galleries.
    3. Click "Create New Gallery"
    4. Add your gallery name, description and select the display options that your prefer. Click "Submit".
    5. Add gallery media materials to your new gallery. You have two main options.
      One, click on "Media Search" link to locate objects in our system.
      Two, add you own images or video links.
    6. If you want to add a video item to your gallery, follow the instructions listed below.
    7. Once you have added a few gallery objects, go the the NEIU CourseMedia homepage and make sure the course gallery can be accessed by your students. Green dots indicate that your student have access to your gallery. Click on the green or red dot on the gallery icon to make the gallery visible of invisible to students.
  5. How do I add images to my gallery?
    After you have created a gallery, you have two options: One, click "Media Search" on the left menu and then click "Images" to locate images in our art history collection. Two, upload your own images on the gallery page by clicking "Add" and selecting "Personal Image" .
  6. How do my students get access to my gallery?
    Instruct them to go to and use their student ID and passcode to login. NOTE: Make sure your course gallery is set for student access. This is quickly done by going to the homepage and clicking on the green or red activation icon.
  7. Can students create their own galleries?
    Yes but with limitations.
  8. How do I add video from YouTube?
    YouTube offers users embed source code that you can copy and paste into NEIU CourseMedia . Locate the video you want to include on YouTube. The embed code by YouTube is normally located near the video itself, click "Share" > "Embed". Uncheck the box called "Show suggested videos when the video finishes" to avoid other videos clips. Copy the embed code that is highlighted in the box. Return back to your gallery and click "Add" and select "YouTube", paste the embed code in the box called "Video iframe Embed Code:"
  9. How long are my course galleries available?
    We do gallery audits every year on gallery usage. We will notify you if your gallery has not been accessed by you or your students in over two years. If a gallery has not be used in the last two years, we will send you an email notifying you if it is okay to delete your gallery.
  10. How do I move my previous course galleries into my new course?
    Each new quarter/semester instructors need to import their courses by clicking the "Import Course" link on the left menu. Then go to Gallery Management section and click "move" near the old course galleries. This will take the instructor to a page that allows them to move their old course galleries to a new current course.
  11. Is there training on how to use NEIU CourseMedia ?
    Our NEIU CourseMedia support team can provide instructors with one-on-one training. Please contact either to schedule an appointment.